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Safety Commitment

safety-300x181Safety is the most important of our noted Critical Success Factors, and we accept the responsibility of providing a safe working environment for our employees as well as onsite craftsmen.

Making a jobsite safe begins before the first stage of construction with a project plan review that includes developing strategies to prevent accidents or injuries. The KBS team is responsible for protecting the safety of everyone on the job; ensuring that crews follow established state and federal safety regulations and that the latest safety equipment is used.

Accompanied by the project superintendent, our Safety Department conducts weekly onsite safety inspections. Such inspections include the following:

Safety Record

For years, KBS has documented Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and Incident Rate (IR) ratios below industry standards. Because of this active investment in protecting both employees and everyone associated with a project, KBS has earned lower insurance rates. As a result, KBS can pass this saving on to its clients by offering more competitive contract rates.