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Project Delivery System

project-delivery-page1At KBS, our goals are to exceed our customers’ expectations and to continue to improve our operations. Our success in reaching those goals is determined by our Project Delivery┬áSystem, an innovative and proven management approach.

This system is repeatable because KBS uses core management tools on every project. It creates a controlled environment that supports our management teams in making sound business decisions. It also promotes frequent communication, relies on timely and accurate information transfer and draws from our managers’ expertise.

The KBS Project Delivery System encompasses four phases:


KBS prepares the project plan. The team is assembled, individual responsibilities are assigned, detailed estimates are prepared using the latest software and accurate historical data and value engineering is performed.


When preconstruction is complete, the project is launched. The overall project plan is reviewed in detail, individual team member responsibilities are finalized and goals are set according to the five Critical Success Factors. The project scope is set for construction and the initial schedule is developed into the Master CPM schedule for the project.


The project plan is put into action. Daily project controls are implemented to maintain the project schedule, budget and quality standards. Construction materials are controlled to ensure specification compliance and timely delivery.

Close Out

Project closeout is an especially critical phase. Punch list items are completed quickly, record documents are produced and the client takes occupancy of the facility. KBS works to close all outstanding items in a timely manner, allowing clients to enjoy the facility without interference.