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Community Outreach
Community Outreach
Posted April 20, 2016
As KBS works in the community, it is not only our mission to provide quality construction services – it is also to help improve the quality of life in communities through financial support and volunteering ti... Continue Reading
Building Hope
Building Hope
Posted March 15, 2016
The Foundation The Roc Solid Foundation builds hope for children fighting cancer by providing ways for them to temporarily escape the burdens of doctors, appointments and treatments through opportunities to do ... Continue Reading
Maintaining Infectious Control
Maintaining Infectious Control
Posted November 16, 2015
KBS strives to provide the best possible protection for patients, visitors, hospital staff and construction workers from all potential hazards on its construction projects.  To this end, KBS will not begin a r... Continue Reading
Working Outdoors – Heat Safety
Working Outdoors – Heat Safety
Posted August 24, 2015
Extended exposure to hot, humid environments can overwhelm the body’s ability to cool itself down.  When this happens, true, life-threatening implications can result without immediate detection and action. ... Continue Reading
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KBS Family Night
Posted July 14, 2015
KBS stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park, continuing our 40th Anniversary Year Celebration with Family Night at The Diamond on June 23. Over 200 KBS employees, family and friends joined in for... Continue Reading
3D Laser Scan-
3D Laser Scanning
Posted June 24, 2015
KBS recently had the opportunity to learn about an emerging technology in the design and construction industry, 3D laser scanning.  Prologue Systems, a Richmond based laser scanning firm, spoke with over a doz... Continue Reading
CPR, AED and First Aid Training
CPR, AED and First Aid Training
Posted May 11, 2015
The KBS Safety Team spent the month of March focusing on providing CPR, AED and First Aid recertification training to our superintendents, project managers, and any other employees who wished to participate in ... Continue Reading
Masters Photo
KBS 3rd Annual Masters Open House
Posted April 14, 2015
Even unseasonably chilly weather didn’t keep over 200 guests from testing out their golf skills at KBS’s 3rd Annual Masters Open House.  This year, PGA tour hopefuls could practice their chipping skills on... Continue Reading
weather delay photo-snow
Weather Delays
In order to understand exactly how weather can disrupt the schedule of construction projects, we need to outline the schedule process and the elements of it. KBS projects are organized into a sequence of activi... Continue Reading
How to Run an Effective Punch List
How to Run an Effective Punch List
Posted March 24, 2015
During construction projects, contractors must hold high standards in their work. KBS has an effective Punch List process that enables them to maintain quality and repeated client satisfaction. They ensure not ... Continue Reading
Thanks to John Gillenwater for entering KBS into Ledbury's "Outfit Your Office" giveaway!
Ledbury Outfits Our Office
Posted July 11, 2014
  Richmond-based men’s apparel company Ledbury recently had a giveaway in which people could use the hashtag #OutfitYourOffice and be entered to win a party with free food, drinks, and, of course, hi... Continue Reading
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KBS Stand-Down for Safety
Posted June 11, 2014
During the week of June 2-6, work was momentarily suspended on KBS jobsites to deliver an important message as a part of National Fall Prevention Stand-Down, a nationwide effort by OSHA to promote safety in the... Continue Reading
A KBS Addition to Reynolds North
Posted April 1, 2014
There is a tremendous amount of development taking place in Downtown Richmond right now.  From areas around the VCU campus to Manchester, it accounts for almost a billion dollars in real estate projects.  A h... Continue Reading
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Providing Comfort with Bon Secours
Posted January 10, 2014
Located in the Near West End of Richmond, the St. Mary’s Campus of Bon Secours Hospital is bordered by historic boulevards, neighborhoods, and small, local businesses.  An exciting part of their growth is th... Continue Reading
Foundry Lofts
Posted January 6, 2014
Adaptive Reuse:  the process of reusing an old site or building for a purpose other than that which it was built of designed for. Our projects often find us in historic areas or working with existing buildings... Continue Reading
KBS Employees Gather for Food Delivery for Foodbank
The 12 Cans of Christmas
Posted December 12, 2013
We’ve established a reputation for quality buildings and project management over the last 40-odd years.  What we’re proudest of, however, is our commitment to building relationships.  We have established ... Continue Reading
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Quality Program Lunch and Learns
Posted September 26, 2013
Embarking on a large project involves coordinating a number of moving parts.  These parts are more than materials and machines.  The first ones to get moving are our teams of people involved in the project ... Continue Reading
Improving Quality with TAM Consultants
Executing a quality building project requires partnerships with a number of outside companies.  Over the course of almost forty years, we’ve established important relationships with some of the best manufact... Continue Reading
Safety Director Mark Lambert & Safety Inspector Christine Miller
Building a Commitment to Safety
Posted September 25, 2013
We were honored to have recently received the Gold STEP (Safety Training and Evaluation Process) award from Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). This award carried special weight for us as it was a natio... Continue Reading
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Introducing the KBSiQ Quality Assurance App
Posted September 3, 2013
The construction industry is, at the end of the day, about bricks and mortar.  Our industry, however, has evolved as new technologies have become available.  From Building Information Modeling (BIM) to mobile... Continue Reading
KBS Staff Announcements
KBS Staff Announcements
Posted May 23, 2013
KBS Staff Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries The following KBS employees celebrate milestone anniversaries this quarter: Adam Britt celebrates ten years with KBS. Britt is a Project Manager currently working on ... Continue Reading
New Life for Old Buildings
Posted May 7, 2013
Integrating an older, existing building with new construction often presents a multitude of unique challenges throughout the design, scheduling, and construction phases of a project. Activities ranging from str... Continue Reading
Quality Performance in Waterproofing
Posted April 24, 2013
As part of the early design process, a waterproofing consultant was hired by the owner of Fenwyck Manor and Chase Apartments, a 396,313-square-foot, 288-unit multi-residential project located on a 20-acre site ... Continue Reading
KBS Corporate Quality Control Training
KBS Corporate Quality Control Training
Throughout the month of May, all KBS operations’ personnel were required to attend the  annual KBS Quality Control Academy for 2013. This formal quality control training included two levels of training. Leve... Continue Reading