Telephone: Richmond 804.262.0100 / Virginia Beach 757.368.8888

Virginia Department Of State Police Public Safety Driver Training Facility

The project includes a three-story, 48,000-square-foot administration and academic building featuring a 120-person dormitory, a cafeteria, driver simulation rooms, classrooms and an observation tower.

The academic building is of steel frame and masonry construction. The second building onsite is a 9,600-square-foot pre-engineered metal vehicle maintenance garage that houses four bays for the care and repair of the VDSP fleet.

Sitework includes a three-mile highway response course consisting of four-lane divided roadways, two-lane secondary roads, an on/off ramp, a simulated bridge surface, and a loop, as well as outer and inner tracks with off-road recovery areas that allow multiple vehicles to use the course at any given time.