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Walking Challenge Encourages Employees to Get Moving

Posted on November 20, 2012 in News

During the past five weeks, KBS employees have walked to the Egyptian pyramids! Well, not to the actual pyramids but they have walked more than 6,000 miles which is the same distance from Richmond to Egypt.

The KBS Wellness Committee organized what they dubbed as a Turkey Trot — a five-week ‘get moving’ competition encouraging employees to work together towards getting fit. Teams were randomly formed and each member used a pedometer to track their steps which were logged each day during the competition.

The winning team was determined by the average miles logged by each team member. The prize? A turkey for each team member was awarded at the conclusion of the competition on November 16 just in time for Thanksgiving!

Forty-three competitors, nearly one-third of our total staff, made up the eight teams that competed, including the Amazing Feets, Easy Striders, Red Hot Chili Steppers, Pumped Up Kicks, SteppenWalk, Sole Train, Elite Feet and Holy Walkamolies!

So which team’s members each won a 20-pound frozen turkey? The Holy Walkamolies! Congratulations to the team: Kenn Cole, Nancy Endreson, Sam Fisher, Wayne Harrell and team captain Warren Rutledge. The Holy Walkamolies walked a total of 978.23 miles. Kudos also goes out to Kenn Cole for leading the individual standings logging 343.95 miles in just five weeks!

“Whether you’re a beginner or an avid runner, the goal of the Turkey Trot was to make improvements each week and reach 10,000 steps a day at some point in the competition,” says John Gillenwater, chair of the KBS Wellness Committee. “Ultimately, we just wanted to create an awareness of daily activity in a fun environment.”

While fitness experts estimate that 10,000 is the average number of steps needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the average office worker typically takes only 3,000 steps per day.

And just because the Turkey Trot has ended doesn’t mean our staff is sitting on the sideline. The KBS Wellness Committee is keeping the Walking Club going during the lunch hour to encourage staff to keep moving. The committee is also working on great things to come including a second installment of the Nutritionist Program and another walking challenge in the Spring!