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Wal-Mart Powhatan Project Team Wins Safety Award for Second Quarter

Posted on July 13, 2012 in News

Congratulations to the Wal-Mart Powhatan project team for their efforts towards safety! The construction team, consisting of Sam Stocks, Gary Williams, Darren Campbell, Brian Emminger, Chris Bryant, Edgar Azucena, Kory House, and April Shumate, are the recipients of the “Excellence in Safety” award for the second quarter of 2012, as determined by Mark Lambert and Christine Miller of the KBS Safety Division. Lambert, Safety Director at KBS, asserts that “not only does Wal-Mart Powhatan maintain excellence in the building, they have also demonstrated a high level of proficiency making sure site employees are kept current on the latest safety trends through weekly safety meetings. The way Virginia-OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) looks at it is ‘if it is not documented… it never happened,’ and the guys at Wal-Mart Powhatan have certainly covered their bases through submitting and retaining all required documentation.” (pictured from left: Brian Emminger, Edgar Azucena, Christine Miller, Darren Campbell, Bill Paulette, Kory House)

Specific criteria were established before the initiative began for the project to be eligible for the award, and the project team’s safety management and oversight has earned them recognition. Lambert added that “jobsite safety does not start and end in the field” and that an “often overlooked aspect of safety relates to the importance of a good training documentation trail.” Fortunately for the team and all subcontractors performing work at Wal-Mart Powhatan, no OSHA Recordable or First Aid injuries resulted during the construction of this high-profile project located in the eastern end of the county near Luck Stone. Also, the minimal number of safety violations from weekly visits from the KBS Safety Department and exemplary subcontractor management distanced the jobsite from a visit from OSHA.

Hats off to Sam, Gary, Darren, Brian, Chris, Edgar, Kory, and April for a job well done!