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KBS Strengthens Quality Initiatives and Add Quality Director Position

Posted on February 7, 2013 in News

mkamstra-200x300Throughout the last several months, KBS has taken several important steps to strengthen our commitment to the finished quality of our projects. Effective January 1, we created a new position to provide a full-time corporate quality director and we filled the position with Matt Kamstra, formerly a KBS project engineer.

In his new role, Kamstra has been working closely with our field and office managers to enhance our written Quality Control Program, educate our subcontractors and provide onsite support and training for our management teams. Additionally, Terry Pulliam, a KBS superintendent with more than 40 years of experience, is sharing his lessons learned with our project teams in his new role as a quality control inspector.

“The KBS program is rooted in a fundamental commitment to quality throughout the life of a project,” said Rich Lee, vice president of operations. “It is implemented from subcontractor prequalification and selection, to work packaging and award, to submittal preparation and processing, to site mobilization and work installation, to the creation and completion of the punchlist and, ultimately, to the acceptance and occupancy of the finished project by our client.”

Kamstra and Pulliam are working closely with the KBS project teams to develop project-specific quality control execution plans, focusing on up to five critical areas. The goal is to have no more than five percent of failed items on any quality inspection and to satisfactorily address any noted quality deficiency in five days or less.

This “5-5-5” approach is being supported not only by the efforts of our quality team and project management teams, but also through the implementation of the “KBS IQ” application. KBS has developed a proprietary Apple iPad application for our field management teams that includes standardized pre-installation conference agendas, field inspection checklists and a unique “quick item” capability that allows each team member an opportunity to identify unique quality concerns during a site visit without completing an extensive quality inspection.

We have already seen the benefits of our renewed commitment to quality through the early detection and correction of field deficiencies on projects such as Fenwyck Manor, Streets of Greenbrier, 1200 West Marshall, Daleville Towne Center, Colony Village and the Chrysler Museum. Additionally, we are closely coordinating the KBS Institute sessions this year in support of our quality initiative and are finalizing plans for training and education for all of our project management team members.

We are excited about the opportunity to improve our clients’ experiences with KBS through our commitment to delivering a great finished product.  As our president and founder Bill Paulette notes in his introduction letter within our Quality Control Manual, “KBS’s commitment to this quality effort starts with me and it has my full support. My expectation is that you will embrace this plan and integrate it into the performance of your daily duties. Again, you have already been doing these things, but this renewal of our commitment needs to be formalized and documented. This plan provides you the tools to do just that.”