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KBS Adds Director to Strengthen SWAM Program

Posted on April 7, 2010 in News

(Richmond, Va.) — Al Lester has been promoted to SWAM Director. He will be working with Megan Bargo, SWAM coordinator, to continue to develop and strengthen KBS’s existing Small-, Women- and Minority-Owned Program (SWAM) Program. Lester’s goal is to continue to reach out to the SWAM community to promote subcontracting opportunities that are available at KBS.

Lester has more than 12 years experience in construction project management and has most recently completed work at West Broad Village, a $74 million mixed-use lifestyle center in Henrico County.

“I am excited about my new opportunity with KBS to work with the SWAM community and to help build upon an already excellent SWAM Program,” said Lester.

KBS has a positive track record in the utilization of SWAM subcontractors on our projects and have been successful on projects with typical goals of 20% SWAM participation. Since 2005, the company have exceeded SWAM goals on each project and have reached percentages as high as 63% for some projects. In the past five years, KBS’s total awards to SWAM firms and involvement with SWAM joint venture partnerships exceeded $200 million. For more information, visit SWAM Participation Program.