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Client Testimonials

I have no doubt that KBS was the right company to handle our job. The staff was present every step of the way and helped anticipate our needs before they became problems. We worked as a team to find solutions to the challenges inherent in restoring a century old building. I cannot say enough about their professionalism and quality of work.

George Sadler, Saint Bridget School Principal

"I want to personally thank you and your team for your tireless commitment to this project and getting the residents into the building. We knew this was going to be a difficult project from the start and then it got harder for a multitude of reasons. What is a credit to you, the team and KBS is the fact that you stayed focused on the finish and overcame the many challenges thrown in front of you without quitting or making excuses. We appreciate this approach and the personal sacrifices you made."

Russell W. Broderick, Gilbane Development

"KBS's preconstruction estimating and scheduling provided feedback to the scope and quality of the project to assure we would complete the project under budget before we started construction. As we faced challenges that renovations can bring, KBS always had cost-effective options to help us find solutions. KBS was a valuable team member from beginning to end of the project and never lost focus on serving the best interests of the YMCA of Greater Richmond."

Jeff DeHoff, VP of Property and Facilities

“We have a 210,000-square-foot building with over 30,000 irreplaceable works of art. There is no single piece in the collection that hasn’t been moved or touched during this process. I’m in awe at how KBS has kept all of these balls in the air spinning. KBS has been a great partner, helping us to design security procedures, temporary climate controls and protective coverings and casings so that we can operate and preserve our collection.”

William Hennessey, The Chrysler Museum of Art

"Throughout my ten-year relationship with KBS, the outcomes have always been positive...KBS has always been proactive in offering solutions and has consistently demonstrated strong problem-solving abilities."

Kimberly Badenoch, Gilbane Development

"KBS delivered our small but complex project on time and on budget. The team worked brilliantly to overcome site and weather challenges, and always maintained an exceptional level of professionalism."

John E. Byers, Christchurch School

"The ability of your team to coordinate the work of so many trades within a challenging site is amazing. I cannot imagine working with a better contractor on the project."

William Harris, The Country Club of Virginia

"When [VCU] selected the contractor for the Rice Center, we wanted to make sure that we selected a firm that not only could build using sustainable practices, but also truly believed in the importance of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. For us, KBS was that firm."

Brian Ohlinger, Virginia Commonwealth University

"Based on the strength of their performance on the Edgeworth project, we decided to work with KBS on Lucky Strike. KBS is very proactive about solving issues, and there are always issues on projects like these. They work very well with our architects."

Greg Spivey, Forest City Washington

"What is really amazing is that this excellent work was done despite an extraordinarily short performance period. Attaining this accomplishment would have been impossible without the dedication, commitment and energy of the entire KBS team."

Donald Constantine, MBCI