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4th Quarter Safety & Quality Awards

Posted on February 3, 2017 in Blog

Congratulations to the Wal-Mart, Virginia Beach and Bridges Apartment Teams for being the 4th Quarter Safety and Quality Award Winners of 2016!

The folks on the Wal-Mart, Virginia Beach Team have done an outstanding job since project inception at maintaining a high standard of Safety excellence. Only a mere handful of safety violations have been identified on this project since the weekly safety inspections began and each violation was immediately corrected and not repeated. All required safety documentation is properly submitted each week and maintained on site. The Tidewater Region has, historically, been very popular on OSHA’s radar screen and the proactive safety measures taken by the Wal-Mart, VB team leaves little room for concern for KBS when the “all but certain” inspection does take place. Their diligence makes KBS look good and deserves to be recognized! Team members include:

McMahon Croft – Project Manager
Brian Barret – Superintendent
Brian Emminger – Superintendent
Jacob Dalton – Project Engineer
Tina Hudson – Project Assistant

Wal-Mart, Virginia Beach edged out, by the razor-thinnest of margins, Bridges Phase II who has also done an excellent job in making KBS look good with their efforts. A big thank you to Christopher Bryant, Darren Campbell, Paul Byrd, Liz Blanks and Michael Itzkowitz for everything they have done and are doing to make us look good!

The Bridges Apartment Team has done an excellent job meeting and exceeding Quality expectations through pre-planning and holding a high standard of execution in the field. The team has placed a focus on preconstruction meetings, first installation meetings and field inspections. They have done an excellent job working together as a team to provide a quality product.

Some of the quality success stories on this project include:
Unique Balcony Detail
This project called for a Juliet balcony detail that required a tread brite platform that was integrated into an exposed metal sill pan that would ultimately become part of the door flashing system. This detail has presented some challenges with the required flashing and custom pre-fabricated metal that would make up this balcony. The team has been working through 6 different balcony conditions that require this same system, but slightly different metal conditions. The team has hit this unique detail head on and have installed a majority of these balconies with the same standards that were established at the first installation meeting.
Consistency in Window and Door Installation
Much like the balcony detail, the windows and doors went through a first installation meeting with the framer. During this meeting, the expectations of the drawings and manufacturer were reviewed and implemented into the detail. The teams attention to detail has led to a very consistent installation process that has carried over to all windows and doors on the project.
Storefront Element
There are several outside corner conditions on this project that are comprised of storefront window systems. These sections have required a coordination effort between the framer and the installer. This detail is currently underway and is being provided at the same consistency as the windows and doors.
Responding to Quality Observations
This team has done a great job working through quality review items prior to and during installation. All observation items are quickly addressed and documented until completion. This team has been consistent in meeting the 5 day response requirements.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to quality! Keep up the good work! The Bridges Apartment Team members include:

Michael Lynch – Project Executive
Chris Bryant – Project Manager
Darren Campbell – Superintendent
Paul Byrd – Assistant Superintendent
Mike Itzkowitz – Project Engineer
Liz Blanks – Project Assistant

Safety & Quality 4th Quarter Awards Newsletter 2