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New Renovations to KBS

Posted on September 27, 2016 in Blog

Spring and summer renovations to KBS’ Richmond office are finished! This is the first major renovation since the office was built in 1987. When the iconic green “silo” on the roof started leaking, KBS decided to take that opportunity to not only update interior finishes, but to expand the office space and incorporate natural light throughout. Most noticeably is the conference room on the main level, which stands proud from the rest of the building, and features large windows along with Aluminum Composite Metal Panels, commonly known as ACM panels, on the exterior. The parking lot and sidewalks were reconfigured, and a completely new landscape plan was designed and installed.

Upon entering the building, you will notice a bright reception area with a new desk featuring modern acrylic panels, light colors, new company signage on the wall and lots of natural light. The corridor carpet was replaced with LVT (luxury vinyl tile), and several office spaces were reconfigured. The downstairs space has been reconfigured as well, offering collaborative working environments, featuring a huddle space with a large video monitor. It was critical to bring natural light into this area of the building. Walls were removed, lower height work stations were installed and aluminum storefront windows and doors were installed on the front walls of all perimeter offices to further the “open” feeling.  New carpet tiles with colorful accents and ceiling tiles were installed, and a new paint scheme with alternating colors has been added to each office.  The entire building, both interior and exterior, was retro fitted with LED lighting.

Everyone in the KBS family is very excited about all of the upgrades. These improvements have increased productivity and morale, and has made KBS an even better place to come to work. Next time you are at the office please feel free to walk around or request a tour.

KBS Renovations