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Maintaining Infectious Control

Posted on November 16, 2015 in Blog

X RAY Room-smallKBS strives to provide the best possible protection for patients, visitors, hospital staff and construction workers from all potential hazards on its construction projects.  To this end, KBS will not begin a renovation or addition to healthcare facilities until an accepted Interim Life Safety Plan and an Infection-Control Risk Assessment (ICRA), which establishes the projects Infection Control Policies and Procedures requirements, have been completed.

The type/class of construction, length of time, location (interior/exterior – floors above and below), and risk associated with types of patients and proximity to construction areas all have a direct impact on the ICRA and the level of protection the construction team must provide.  To make these assessments a multidisciplinary team including iIC pic 2nfection-control staff from the hospital, architects, engineers and contractor will need to review the projects scope to determine the preventive measures and monitoring requirements.

With the Infection Control policies and procedures established, KBS can then proceed with implementing the types and level of protection required to isolate the construction activities from the rest of the hospital.  The primary preventative measures implemented by the construction forces are concerned with dust and debris control, ventilation and environment control, utility service connections and monitoring.

  • Identify the type of construction project, the patient risk group and which level of precautions that must be taken to complete the construction project
  • Establish a negative pressure enclosure around your work areaIC pic 1
  • Check the size of your work area to determine if there are enough air changes per hour
  • Develop worksite cleaning procedures
  • Develop noise control measures
  • Determine how communication between hospital staff and crew will be conducted
  • Consider the following worksite issues:
    • Pre job assessments and daily meetings
    • Dust control – vacuuming
    • Debris removal