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Ledbury Outfits Our Office

Posted on July 11, 2014 in Blog


Thanks to John Gillenwater for entering KBS into Ledbury's "Outfit Your Office" giveaway!

Thanks to John Gillenwater for entering KBS into Ledbury’s “Outfit Your Office” giveaway!

Richmond-based men’s apparel company Ledbury recently had a giveaway in which people could use the hashtag #OutfitYourOffice and be entered to win a party with free food, drinks, and, of course, high-quality shirts brought to their place of work. Our own John Gillenwater, Vice President of Business Development, took part in the contest and won this exciting prize for KBS out of more than 8,000 entries! Yesterday was the day of the party, so Ledbury came equipped with drinks from Saison, Estes BarB’Que, music by Sturgeon City, and professional stylists who helped fit shirts for KBS employees. Even though the weather was gloomy, spirits were bright as attendees sampled Smooth Ambler and partied with “the Pauls” (Ledbury founders Paul Trible and Paul Watson) and their friends.

Sturgeon City provided amazing string music throughout the event.

Sturgeon City provided amazing string music throughout the event.

Needless to say, the Outfit Your Office party with Ledbury gave KBS employees a fun afternoon at the office but away from work.  While we do work hard here at KBS, we’re no strangers to playing hard, too. Gillenwater stated: “All of us here at KBS are incredibly thankful to have won this party from Ledbury, not only because it gave us an opportunity to spend time with coworkers in a non-work setting right at our office, but also because we met some fellow Richmonders from an amazing local company. Our corporate culture here is centered around being active in the communities we live and work in and providing opportunities for our employees to get involved, so this event really hit the nail on the head. Everyone really enjoyed themselves.”


KBS employee Will Paulette gets fitted for a Ledbury shirt.

While companies all across the country and around the globe entered the contest and Ledbury was prepared to fly the party to the winner’s location, it was a happy surprise when another local company won the giveaway. KBS was founded in Richmond and has kept its headquarters here for almost 40 years, so while the Outfit Your Office event was a great opportunity to up the style ante seen around the office, it was also a fun chance for two Richmond businesses to socialize in their own city. With a rich history woven throughout the city’s culture, Richmond is an area with classic style and an appreciation for tradition, so Ledbury’s timeless shirts will undoubtedly help KBS employees look the part. We here at KBS are excited to continue our friendship with Ledbury (including their incredibly high-quality products), especially since their store downtown is only a quick drive away!