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Shafer & Grace Team wins 4th Qtr QAQC Award

Posted on February 15, 2014 in Blog

photoCongratulations are in order for our Shafer & Grace team for winning our 4th Quarter QAQC Award.  From the very beginning of this project, this team has done a great job identifying scope gaps, design issues, and coming up with plans to claim victories in quality.  They are also our 4th Quarter Safety Award Winners, and in becoming our first back-to-back winners have demonstrated a true commitment to high quality standards.  Some of the areas that really set this team apart include:

  • Building Envelope Construction
  • Window and Door Flashing Details
  • Detailed Mock-Up
  • Protection of Exposed Concrete Floors
  • BIM Models in the Field

They have truly set the bar high for their fellow KBS team members, and we look forward to future excellence from Gary Williams, Brad Kersey, David Taylor, Kenn Cole, Justin Ferrell, Jim Droski, and Jack Hughes.

Honorable mentions in this close race for 4th Quarter recognition go to the Bon Secours Hospitality House team, Granby/Boush team, and Miller Buildings team.  Thank you all for your great work!