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Providing Comfort with Bon Secours

Posted on January 10, 2014 in Blog

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 2.45.15 PMLocated in the Near West End of Richmond, the St. Mary’s Campus of Bon Secours Hospital is bordered by historic boulevards, neighborhoods, and small, local businesses.  An exciting part of their growth is the addition of a 14,000-square-foot residence, and KBS is proud to have been selected to manage the construction of this property.  The project involved a highly competitive bidding process between a number of general contractors. The project was over budget and the project re-bid several months later, with revised drawings incorporating the Owner and Architect’s suggested Value Engineering ideas into the bid documents.  Brian Bargo, our senior project estimator, was intimately involved in the process.  Bargo said,

“KBS was ultimately awarded the project in April of 2013.  However, the project was still over budget.  We worked over the next 4 months to provide an extensive Value Engineering list to the owner.  KBS was able to get the project cost down approximately 10% from the earlier bid amount and, ultimately, within the Owner’s budget.”

Building the Bon Secours Reinhart Guest House (named for a beloved Bon Secours Nurse who died of cancer in 1986) required the organization of many efforts.  As Bon Secours is a non-profit facility, funding was the first hurdle.  The Reinhart family immediately stepped to the plate with a $1 million gift. KBS’s extensive budgeting work played an integral role in bringing the project to life, providing budgeting and estimates that would create a premier facility under the constraints of a non-profit expense account.

Location was also a crucial factor. Bon Secours worked tirelessly to secure the four rental homes necessary for the site, and worked with the families to relocate them once their leases had expired.  There were also numerous meetings with local residents to address concerns over mature trees, footprint, and design ascetics. In addition to being in an established neighborhood, the new building is within a few hundred feet of the historic Westhampton School, designed and constructed in 1917 by renowned architect Charles M. Robinson. A special use permit was obtained, and our KBS project team, led by project manager Jon Reid, has pledged to keep construction impact to a minimum.

Bon Secours recognizes that having family available is essential to health and healing, and the new Reinhart Guest House will provide 14 rooms and 2 family suites for those whose loved ones are in St. Mary’s Hospital.  In addition to the overnight rooms, we are building a living room, a dining room, playroom, laundry facilities, and two communal kitchens. Guests there will have all of the amenities of home, and easy access to their loved ones.  Odell’s design incorporates a Colonial feel to mimic existing homes in the area. Great care was taken by the civil designer Kimley-Horn and the landscape designer Higgins & Gerstenmaier to provide landscaping for both reflection and to lessen the impression that this is a brand new construction.

Our success has come from creating lasting relationships with people and businesses.  It’s nice, however, to find success by creating a home.