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Improving Quality with TAM Consultants

Posted on September 26, 2013 in Blog

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.31.17 AMExecuting a quality building project requires partnerships with a number of outside companies.  Over the course of almost forty years, we’ve established important relationships with some of the best manufacturers, vendors, subcontractors, designers, and architects in the business.  These partners often bring a unique material or skill to our job site.  One of these partners, TAM Consultants, brings a unique set of eyes and a skill for teaching.

TAM Consultants is a group of designers, engineers, and building enclosure specialists who have partnered with us to improve critical aspects of our Quality Assurance process.  Their main focus with us is how we use the KBSiQ app to perform our Quality Control Checklist.  Corporate Quality Director Matt Kamstra says, “Both in house and in the field, they provide guidance that improves our process.  They’re by our side where the rubber meets the road.”

With their experience on projects, they’re familiar with different manufacturing processes, installation details, and common issues seen in the field.  “To a large extent, we can do what we’ve always done, but having TAM attached to the team helps us to fine-tune the entire process,” Matt explains.  They’ve used the lessons learned in their experiences to help us as a presenter during our QC Academy sessions.

One area of recent focus is preventing a breach in a building envelope.  We often work on projects, such as multi-family housing, where we will be installing dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of windows or balconies.  TAM has helped us to incorporate manufacturer’s information and define the different flashing applications needed for the project.  We approach each one with a critical eye toward the requirements for wood vs. masonry, window vs. balcony, sill vs. wall, and so on.  One of the improvements that they’ve helped us with is color-coding construction drawings.  This allows our superintendents and subcontractors to properly identify which materials belong to which aspects of the build.  Matt says, “When we’re working on a large project like that, they’ve helped us to work from the drawing phase through the job site, creating a steady flow of information from the architects, through the manufacturers, on to the people actually executing the build.  If we install 100 windows and 10 of them fail, TAM helps us to identify where we may have missed something and how we’ll correct it.”

Putting our experiences together with TAM Consultants has allowed us to further develop and fine-tune our Quality process and our use of the KBSiQ app.  Matt says, “We’re making the fine details more detailed.”  TAM is a valuable partner to have, and yet another relationship that will help us to achieve success for the next forty years.