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Quality Performance in Waterproofing

Posted on April 24, 2013 in Blog

As part of the early design process, a waterproofing consultant was hired by the owner of Fenwyck Manor and Chase Apartments, a 396,313-square-foot, 288-unit multi-residential project located on a 20-acre site in the Greenbrier district of the City of Chesapeake.

The waterproofing consultant reviewed the contract documents as part of the KBS Project Launch process and developed suggestions to improve several details in order to prevent water infiltration of the building envelope. Once construction began, the consultant met with the KBS project team to reinforce the intent of each recommendation and to identify the critical components of each detail. The KBS project team held training sessions to communicate these crucial details to the subcontractors which was imperative in making the project to be a success. These component improvements included flashing details on areas such as windows, doors and balconies. The project team has maintained the subcontractor relationships by holding installation orientations and mock-up reviews for each new installer onsite for each of these details.

The KBS team then took it one step further by reaching out to several manufacturers to discuss the appropriate installation procedures with the associated subcontractor foreman. Such onsite manufacturer review sessions have provided great insight to our project teams and have educated everyone on both the project documents and the manufacturer requirements for successful construction.

The Fenwyck team has not only incorporated standards of the KBS Quality Control Program, but they continue to find new ways to achieve a top quality project for KBS and its clients.


Mock-Up of Flashing Details

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Contributed by: Matt Kamstra, KBS Corporate Quality Director