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Quality Performance in Operating Facilities

Posted on April 24, 2013 in Blog

Expansion of the 139,037-square-foot Sam’s Club store in Frederick, MD is taking place while the store is open to the public. As part of this project, KBS is installing 162 skylights throughout the existing portion of the building. Construction within the existing areas requires great coordination to protect the safety of our subcontractors, the general public and the product within the store.

To overcome these obstacles, the project team held a preconstruction coordination meeting and developed the following quality solutions:

  1. The steel frame within the roof joists was modified from a welded connection to a bolted connection to help protect the building and the product from a potential fire hazard.
  2. The skylight installations have been performed during the night shift to greatly reduce the risk to the Sam’s Club customers.
  3. Tarps have been used as needed in order to protect the product below from potential debris.
  4. The roofing membrane has been attached by using electric welders to account for the cold temperatures that will not allow the roofing adhesives to have the proper tack.

A skylight installed at Sam's Club.

A skylight installed at Sam’s Club.

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Contributed by: Matt Kamstra, KBS Corporate Quality Director