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Quality Control in Design Collaboration

Posted on April 24, 2013 in Blog

Blue Ridge PACE, a 20,046-square-foot adult daycare center in Charlottesville, contained several roofing details that could be improved upon based on our team’s recent experiences on a similar facility for the same client.

The original detail showed a condition in which the TPO roofing membrane would be installed directly over the roofing sheathing that contained R-38 insulation directly below. This design would create a condition in which the cooler temperatures at the roof line would be transmitted through the roofing sheathing and to the insulation. After the colder temperatures reach the dew point between the roofing sheathing and the insulation, condensation would form and, eventually, deteriorate the roof structure.


The project team decided to reach out to the architect for a modified condition. The project team worked closely with the architect in order to remove this potentially damaging condition. The roofing design was revised to include rigid insulation between the TPO roofing membrane and the roofing sheathing, as detailed below.


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Contributed by: Matt Kamstra, KBS Corporate Quality Director