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KBS Corporate Quality Control Training

Posted on April 24, 2013 in Blog

Throughout the month of May, all KBS operations’ personnel were required to attend the  annual KBS Quality Control Academy for 2013. This formal quality control training included two levels of training.

Level One training included an overview of the KBS Quality Control Program, project case studies and a course on preventing water infiltration issues. Level Two training contained two components: an in-house review of constructability analysis, proper submittal review procedures, field mock-ups, MEP equipment commissioning, the punch list process and the successful completion of the NAVFAC/USACE CQM course.

During this month of training, KBS provided training to 66 individuals at Level One and 13 individuals at Level Two. The result is almost 400 hours of focused quality control training!

KBS Quality Control Certification

At the conclusion of the KBS Quality Control Academy, each KBS employee received a “Star” designation. This designation indicates each individual’s dedication to quality at KBS. This process begins with one Star at the completion of Level One training. After the completion of this course, individuals can achieve additional stars (up to four) by completing one of the following:

  • Successful completion of Level Two training
  • Successfully repairing every QC deficiency within five days during the entire life of a project (minimum of 500 inspection items)
  • Receiving written notification from a client for hard work and delivering a quality project
  • Completing 1,000 inspection items on a project

After each level of certification is achieved, the associated KBS team member will receive a hardhat sticker with their star designation. Next time you are on a KBS project, take a look around and see all of the KBS individuals that are dedicated to quality! After all, it is their hard work that is really making a difference!

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Contributed by: Matt Kamstra, KBS Corporate Quality Director