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Summer 2012 Interns: Final Post

Posted on August 9, 2012 in Blog

This is our last week at KBS. From both of us to everyone at KBS, thank you for the opportunity to work here this summer!


It’s been a busy, but fun summer. I am very pleased with the amount of practical knowledge I gained about marketing this summer. I can safely say that I’d feel comfortable applying to other marketing jobs because I know that I could handle any duties I would be given. Not only did I learn about putting together proposals for construction projects, I also learned more general business skills, such as working within deadlines, the importance of following directions, and how to get things done as a team.  Not only has this summer internship given me confidence working in marketing, it’s proved to me that a career in marketing is what I want to work towards.


It has been a great summer for me as well, and I have also gained a lot of experience through my internship with KBS. The 1200 W Marshall St. project is well underway with parking deck slabs poured and framing for the units having already started. I have gained valuable knowledge that I can apply to classes in my upcoming semesters. KBS has provided a great real life application of what I have learned as a civil engineering major.


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