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Summer 2012 Interns: Miranda (Post #2)

Posted on July 24, 2012 in Blog

Cruella-300x2101Last week I learned more about public relations and handling communications with people outside of the company. I also learned the importance of detail. Not only was the quarterly newsletter The BluePrint being sent to every person on KBS’s contact list (which is almost 2,500 people), but we also had a proposal going out. This was my first proposal and I never realized how much work and detail goes into each one. I worked a lot in InDesign (a software program for marketing and publications design) and found myself becoming very nitpicky over small details and letting my perfectionism come out more than it usually does. The marketing team stayed late to finalize the proposal and I found myself driving frantically to the UPS drop site trying to get there before it closed so the proposal would make it into the overnite pickup. (I actually had more than enough time to get there but I’ll admit to freaking out just a little bit). With so much effort going into each proposal, I didn’t want to be the weak link in not getting it to the potential client on time. After that experience, I’m not quite as  nervous about working on the next proposal since I know what to expect and I definitely know more about  what I’ll be responsible for.

blueprint-screenshot-300x2521The BluePrint also requires major attention to detail. It’s a little daunting sending something out to so many people that speaks on behalf of the entire company. Then again, I do that every day with social media. I didn’t quite realize how much power there is in the social presence of a company. But the reality is, every tweet or Facebook post or pin (yes, I created a KBS Pinterest, so please follow us!) is a small representation of the company as a whole. This knowledge reminds me that every social media post should be a sincere picture of KBS: relevant, informative, helpful, fun, and smart. You never know how many people will read what you send out into the worldwide web.

social-media-300x2501I also helped compile materials for a few press releases last week. I never knew what went on behind the scenes PR-wise and I’m glad I got some experience dealing with public relations. But again, even if I was just sending a photo to a newspaper, my heart skipped a beat every time I pressed “send.” Did I check for typos? Did I get the person’s title right? Perhaps by the end of this summer internship I’ll finally be used to the responsibility of holding the entire company’s image in my hand… or maybe I’ll just have gotten a really inflated ego.

Check back soon to read my and Matthew’s final thoughts as interns!

Post by Miranda Germano