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Summer 2012 Interns: Miranda (Post #1)

Posted on July 9, 2012 in Blog

The KBS Marketing Manual.

Hi, my name is Miranda and I’m going into my third year at the University of Virginia (Wahoowa!). I’m interning at KBS this summer in the marketing department and doing this intern blog was actually an idea I came up with (with some help from my mom). I thought it would be a cool way to show what types of things we interns get involved with here at KBS. So, for the next 5 or 6 weeks you’ll be hearing from me and from Matthew, an engineering/project assistant intern, about the daily antics of working at KBS. If you’re interested in interning for KBS in the future, go here!

Editing the KBS wellness newsletter for July.

Editing the KBS wellness newsletter for July.

I’m majoring in Psychology and English with the hopes of getting into the marketing and advertising industry. So far this internship has been the perfect balance between getting work done and also allowing me to be creative. I get to write and create, but I also help with other office work. I’m the person behind KBS’s social media posts this summer, so I get to have fun tweeting and liking posts on Facebook. I also love that I get to write articles for the website, like this and this, and write employee newsletters. This morning I was researching healthy recipes and tips on staying cool for the KBS wellness newsletter that goes out every month (here’s a promising summer recipe I found that didn’t quite make the cut). I also edited some photos for our website in Photoshop this morning. I enjoy getting to work on projects in Photoshop and InDesign because they are (expensive!) programs that are extremely useful to understand in marketing and advertising. So far it’s been fun interning here because everyone is nice and helpful. At the same time, I like that they expect a lot from me because it’s my motivation to impress them. With most internships you expect to be checked on regularly and almost babied, but at KBS I work independently for the majority of the day. There are projects I work on with others and I can ask for help any time I need it, but it’s pretty awesome deciding for myself what I need to accomplish for the day and making sure that I do. And the best part is that I get to master new skills and programs and learn about interesting topics every day, from healthy living to construction and architecture.

Check back next Friday for a post from Matthew, a rising junior at Virginia Military Institute majoring in Civil Engineering.

Post by Miranda Germano