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Working Together to Prevent Schedule Delays

Posted on March 6, 2012 in Blog

In early spring 2011, KBS was awarded the NAPA Distribution Center Expansion project to provide 30,000 square feet of finished material storage space meeting the auto parts retailer’s growing demands. A key scheduling factor was the coordination of jobsite space to allow sufficient space to form and pour the pre-cast concrete tilt-up wall panels that made up the exterior building envelope. Using the slab-on-grade, a casting layout footprint was established by the project team.

Construction was ready to proceed until a final site utility survey brought one unexpected detail to our attention — a live underground power line lying within the new building layout. The discovery of a hot Dominion primary reducing the available casting area by 12 feet called for an immediate revision of the construction plan.

Before the power line was removed.

Before the power line was removed.

Once this issue was discovered, the KBS team quickly requested Dominion Power‘s onsite assistance to relocate the existing power line outside the building limits. However, moving the line would take a great deal of work and ultimately delay construction by at least six weeks. Further delaying the project was not an option.

To keep the project moving forward, a contingency plan was modeled to compress the casting operation and proceed with the work around the obstruction. The following Building Information Model (BIM) video illustrates the planned approach of casting the tilt-up concrete wall panels and the revision after the power line was identified (shown at the 33-second point of the video).

With a new panelization plan set in place, Dominion Power was accommodating to our needs by working with the KBS team to de-energize the existing power line and install a new power line through a conduit installed outside of the building pad.

After the power line was removed.

After the power line was removed.

This unexpected condition created the potential for a major delay. However, the collaboration between KBS, Dominion Power and numerous subcontractors, the impact was mitigated with a creative problem-solving approach. Special thanks goes to Dominion Power for their hard work in accommodating our requests which allowed KBS to maintain the schedule and deliver a quality product to NAPA in a timely manner.

–Contributed by Warren Rutledge, KBS project engineer